The #1 Moth Pest Control Company in Bristol For 2013

Its that time of year again and Bristol’s Moth populations which have exploded with a bang!!! Some experts on invertebers and climate change say this years delayed spring will have an impact on common house hold pests like: Common Clothes Moth & White Shouldered House Moth. In the last 2 weeks we have had an unusual rise in call outs for Moth infestations in both domestic and commercial premises. We have been contacted about our Pest Control Services on offer for people who are suffering with uncontrollable Moth invasions.

Today we sprayed a property in Bristol for a Common Clothes Moth infestation the carpets were so badly infested and damaged by the Moth they had to be thrown out!! Even the underlay was destroyed and ruined by manically feasting Moths.  There are so many different species of Moth that will eat almost anything from feathers to wool or cotton, clothes to furniture or even toe nail clippings!!

Where Will I Find Moths?

Common Clothes Moth in Bristol & through out the UK will often be found clustering underneath heavy or undisturbed furniture like: Wardrobes, beds, chest of draws, airing cupboards, sideboards or even living room furniture. Initially the Moths themselves start off very slowly and go unnoticed for a long period of time, it’s usually too late by the time most people have noticed them and the damage is done. You can see the damage Carpet moths do to carpets when patches of carpets are missing frequently around the edges of rooms and underneath undisturbed furniture like beds and sofas.

What do Carpet Moths look like?

In Bristol Carpet Moths or Common Clothes Moth don’t look like your normal house moths that fly towards the bedroom light in the middle of the night, these Moths are much smaller about 6-7mm in length and have straw looking wings with fringed hair. In fact these tiny little moths don’t really fly to much at all they much prefer to stay close to the ground and the material they living from i.e. the wool in your carpets!!! Learn More

How Can I Prevent a Moth Infestation?

There are a handful of things that can be done at home to help prevent a Moth infestation getting out of hand. Regular cleaning and thorough vacuuming around the house will certainly slow down the Moth lifecycle. After visiting many properties in Bristol with Moth infestations we found much of the infestations we have witnessed have been triggered by poor housekeeping. We are now in May so why not lets have spring clean!! Yes why not use your Moth prevention plan as a good excuse to have a spring clean!!! Simply start at the top of the house work your way down remember to vacuum behind all the furniture I usually start in one room pull all the furniture into the middle clean the edges then push everything back then vacuum the middle, easy! Then on to the next room, remember for it to be a proper spring clean you need to clean the whole house…

How do I Get rid of Moths in my House?

Well if your finding that the Moth prevention techniques just isn’t enough and the Moths keep on coming you will probably need to treat the infestation with something. DIY sprays and bombs have been known to be effective in their low volume and low concentrate formulations. Carpet Moths will lay up to 150 eggs in it’s life time which is now a lot more Moths you have than what you started with!! If you have 5 Moths all laying 150 eggs that’s now 750 Moths ratio: 5:750.

We found DIY insecticide treatments just aren’t man enough to control our Bristol Moths so invariable professional treatment is the answer residual spraying and ULV fogging.

Who Can Help Me?

We have been spraying Moth infestations in Bristol for 15 years so we know exactly how to eliminate any Moth invasion.

The Bristol Pest Controller is fully qualified and a member of British Pest Control Association also registered on the Prompt scheme the Professional Pest Controllers register.

Call us immediately on 07970 749482 and ask for Giles to get a quote for Moth control in Bristol and the surrounding areas.

# 1 Squirrel Pest Control & Trapping Techniques in Bristol for 2013.

What do Bristol Grey Squirrels Look Like?

Squirrel Pest Control & Trapping in Bristol

Squirrel Pest Control & Trapping in Bristol

Bristol Grey Squirrels look large and are Grey or Brown in colour with bushy tails, from head to tail they will grow from 30-60cm, they weigh anything between 400-700 grams.

They have 2 peak breeding seasons with one at the height of winter and one in the middle of the summer.

Can I Get rid of Squirrels in my Loft?

YES – You sure can get rid of Grey Squirrels in your loft space as the damage they will cause to your roof can be endless…

Bristol Squirrel Nest

Bristol Squirrel Nest

Did you know Bristol Grey Squirrels are of the same family as Rats and Mice and all other Rodents in fact and as a part of their behavior they will gnaw on a full range of materials such as wood, plastic, insulation and electrical cables doing this with their two front incisor teeth that are continuously growing and gnawing on things stops them from growing too long.

How Many Squirrels are there in a Nest?

A mature female Squirrel will produce anything up 6-7 young in a litter. Once the young Squirrels are old enough to climb trees, buildings and obstacle courses they will flee the nest and look for a new mating partner to start the whole process over again.


Did you know that Grey Squirrels in Bristol have been known to live in 4 individual loft spaces at one time? That’s right we have evidence that some of the Squirrels we caught in the past have been spread between 4 different properties.

Bristol Grey Squirrel Pest Control & Trapping

Bristol Grey Squirrel Pest Control & Trapping

We discovered some damage that Bristol Squirrels will do to family homes and roof spaces. Only but last week we had a call we had call from a lady who unfortunately discovered she had squirrels squeezing through some broken tiles on her roof at the back of the property. Not only had the Squirrels entered her house and started to have a party in her loft! They were keeping her awake at night bouncing along ceiling and making noises with scratching the rafters and ceiling joists. Apparently the family said the noises were so loud it sounded like they were going to chew their way through the ceiling into the bedrooms below.

Can I use Live Humane Cage Traps for Grey Squirrels in my Loft?

The Answer is: YES! You can use humane Live cage traps for grey squirrels in your loft, although after catching hundreds perhaps thousands of Grey Squirrels in Bristol we have found that “Live Humane Cage Traps” really aren’t that “Humane” or friendly!! Did you know that the live cage traps have to be checked every day? This could be more costly for the customer that’s hiring a Pest control expert. Did you know that once there is a Grey Squirrel caught in the cage that the squirrel has to be discarded of and not returned into the wild as a part of government legislation?

Can I Use Rat Poison to Kill Squirrels in My Loft?

The Answer is: NO!!! You can not use Rat Poison to Kill Squirrels in your Loft! You can use Warfarin in a liquid form at certain times of the year to eliminate squirrels but we don’t use Warfarin anymore for Rat Control. Warfarin is a First Generation Anticoagulant rodenticide poison and we use Second Generation anticoagulant rodenticide poisons for Rats.

Who Can Help Me?

The Answer is: The Bristol Pest Controller – 07970 749482

We Use Grey Squirrel Traps that eliminate squirrels quickly and cleanly and they don’t suffer in the process.